Magnus the Mongoose addresses environmental concerns in new title

Magnus the Mongoose and the Litter Cow, the second book in this playful Caribbean children's book series, is set to be released on mid March 2016. The book educates about the far reaching and devastating effects of littering.

Litter Cow has been endorsed by the National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA) in Jamaica and also by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) who have also weighed in on the merits of the book.

Mrs Dionne Rose, Manager of the Public Education and Corporate Communication Branch of NEPA, said of Magnus the Mongoose and the Litter Cow, that it supports "... the public education mandate and mission of the Agency."

The book encourages the global message of environmental protection by proper waste disposal. It helps bring awareness to these issues in a humourous and distinctly Caribbean way. In simple language, Litter Cow helps young children know that they can contribute to making the planet cleaner.

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